For you who wants to buy an apple tree… (EN)

If you would like to have an apple tree in the garden, and if the tree is to bear fruit that you can eat directly from the tree …

… Then we recommend varieties such as:

  • Aroma
  • Philippa
  • James Grieve
  • Holstein Cox
  • Cox Orange

If you already have a good apple, then the next kind of apple tree could be an early apple, which does not have exactly the same properties, but which can be enjoyed already in August as e.g.

  • Astrakan
  • Transparant Blanche 
  • Alice
  • Discovery

The third apple tree in the garden is often a good food apple, because an apple cake baked on e.g. Belle de Boskop is one of the best there is. We recommend:

  • Belle de Boskop
  • Bramley

The fourth apple tree could be a cider apple tree, which gives depth and fullness to your homemade cider, and here Foxwhelp Red and Tremlets Bitter are really wonderful examples. Good varieties are:

  • Fowwhelp Red
  • Tremlets Bitter
  • Major Cider äpple

Remember that a good cider can be made with a mixture of 40% sweet apples, 40% bitter apples and 20% sour apples!

If you want a beautiful apple that is also delicious in the kitchen for jelly or good apple cakes, we can e.g. recommend a large-fruited paradise apple that:

  • Malus ‘Hyslop’ – produces large paradise apples 3-4 cm in diameter.

Our store is located at Mormors Bakeri in Nötabråne near Karlshamn, where you can pick up your tree when you have ordered it on our web shop.

We can also deliver to you, at an extra transport cost.

Remember that with us you get climate-proof fruit trees that:

  1. Is very resistant to disease, drought and cold
  2. Is fast-growing and bears plenty of fruit
  3. Can thrive under ecological growing conditions
  4. Can be 100 years old

What we have to offer:

The trees are of the old well-known varieties and are grafted with wild rootstocks or with selected rootstocks, which in addition to the good and strong properties of the wild trunk also have e.g. high survival against extreme cold. We use the Antonovka apple from Siberia that survives -40Co).

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