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We are offering organic fruit trees in natural form and shape the tree has chosen itself. We leave it to the customer to shape, form and trim the trees to their liking.

In principle and under the premise of good care our fruit trees can grow in all Zones in Sweden. Our warranty (“1 år växtgarantie”) applies only to growing zones 1-3. Please note that for growing zones 4-6 it is absolutely necessary to give extra care to the trees, such as adding good soil and fertilizer, a warm and sunny (wind protected) spot and good watering.   

We are a new plantschool, which specializes in climate-protected fruit trees that are:

  • Are very resistant to disease, drought and cold
  • Are fast-growing and bears plenty of fruit
  • Can thrive under ecological growing conditions
  • Can be 100 years old

What we offer: 

The trees are of the well-known old varieties. They are grafted on wild rootstocks or on selected rootstocks which, in addition to the wild and strong properties, are for e.g. also highly resistant to extreme cold. We have chosen to use roots from the Antonovka apple from Siberia, which survive down to -40Co.

Our desire is to be cheaper than other tree producers, and we have done a lot to develop our production method so that we can offer a competitive product.

You will find the trees in our physical store or in our web shop. Prices vary from SEK 139 for a small one-year tree to SEK 5000 for a large 7-year-old tree.

We are a nursery in Blekinge, which specializes in climate-proof fruit trees. We believe that the climate will change in the future; it looks like the weather will be more extreme, with more heat and drought in the summer and more cold in the winter. This means that your fruit trees must be able to withstand heavy frost and dehydration to produce a lot of good fruit in the future. We therefore choose to graft our trees on rootss, which give the trees exactly these characteristics. They are fast-growing tree types ( wild types or similar ) with very large deep roots.

We also strive to preserve old tree types. Our grafting material comes from our own arboretum (“Elsebråne Pommet”) where we have more than 300 different types of fruit trees, which we grow under ecological conditions, to be able to select the varieties that do best in Blekinge’s soil. Elsebråne Pommet has joined a collaboration with the nursery “De Gamle Sorter” of  Boi Jensen in Denmark and “FAST” in England, which has more than 7000 varieties of apple trees from around the world.

We sell trees bare-rooted or in pots. We have 50,000 fruit trees in stock ready for sale, and we produce over 20,000 trees a year.

The nursery is under the leadership of director Pavlina Kordova, who is also responsible for the company “Mormors Bakeri” in Nötabråne, with a café, restaurant and Bed and Breakfast.


We want to: deliver fruit and fruit trees, which are locally produced, to Blekinge and the rest of Sweden.

We want to: make Blekinge the leading area in organic fruit production. The idea is that this will be done in collaboration with you growers, so that challenges in production and marketing can be solved together.

We want to: develop organic farming in the fruit area with: a) resistant and attractive fruit varieties, and b) trees that are climate-safe, so that they can withstand extreme drought, cold, heat, moisture, etc.

We want to: ensure stable and lasting production of high-quality fruit in Blekinge. New rootstocks and fruit varieties that are adapted to organic production are required to ensure a production of fruit that is healthy and tasty, and that will withstand the changing and unpredictable climatic conditions that we can expect in the future.

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